Interior Design Services

Full Service Interior Design
Koi Design Studio will manage the entirety of your interior design needs from start to finish. We take pride in creating warm and expressive interiors for our clients. Services include:

  • Commercial and residential interior design
  • Digital renderings of interior design samples
  • Furniture and finishings procurement
  • Day-to-day management of project schedule
  • Furniture/art installation

Design Project Consulting
This is an online approach for clients interested in interior design support who wish to manage projects independently. With this package, you can still create warm and artful interiors with our design assistance, however, you’d manage the procurement, shipping, installation, and timeline management independently. For this service, a floor plan and/or blueprint of the desired space must be submitted for review.

Consultation and Curatorial Services

Art Consulting
For clients who wish to build their private art collection or corporate space that desire to incorporate fine art into their aesthetic, Koi Design Studio assists in all areas of art procurement. Services include:

  • Advising artists
  • Acquiring each artwork
  • Transporting and installing each piece
  • Providing short-term storage 

Curatorial Services
Koi Design Studio produces enthralling, enticing, exclusive installations and events that showcase both established and upcoming creative talent. We offer a variety of curatorial services that produce and facilitate an ever-changing selection of art projects. Our curatorial services promote the mission and goals of our corporate clients and speak to the overall individual persona of our private clients.

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