Solange Knowles Private Collection

Alison Saar
Coup Study, 2006

Alison Saar’s Coup is the title work from her first exhibition at LA Louver which opened from February 23rd - March 25th, 2006.

Coup Study, 2006 is a large charcoal drawing made on several sheets of handmade paper and assembled into a single large patchwork image. The subject of work is a woman sitting in a chair holding a pair of scissors. She faces away from a large combination of old suitcases that are bound together by rope and tied to her through her long hair that flows behind her. The hair functions a symbol of strength and beauty. Coup, 2006 (not pictured) consists of wood, wire, tin, and like many of her other pieces, found objects.

“The Alison Saar work in the bedroom reflects a time in my life with a lot of weight to the things that I was carrying. I’ve been a fan for a long time of her work and her mother Betye’s work. And going back to that bond I have with my mother through art, I’ve watched a couple of documentaries that feature Alison and Betye and feel a lot of similarities to me and my mother.” - Solange Knowles for Apartamento