May 25 - July 20, 2022
Davines North America
Press Release

EMERGENCE is a three-person exhibition featuring works by Ciarra K. Walters, Robyn Alece Gibson, and Patricia Encarnación, three emerging women of color. The show examines the nature of identity in relation to the environment by highlighting the work of creators who engage with either natural or corporeal elements. Walters’ investigates these themes through self-portraiture, many of which are set against rock outcroppings and bodies of water. Gibson explores this through figurative drawings that depict intertwined bodies set against blocks of text. And Encarnacion contemplates these ideas using photographs of bodies ensconced by foliage. Though each artist uniquely depicts how humans engage with one another or the places they inhabit, all three artists pose varying questions about how our surroundings define us and the gaze of others.

Curator: Michelle Patterson | Assistant Curator: Isis Davis-Marks

EMERGENCE Installation view, 2022